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I have copy-protected the site, but offer its material as two pdf ebooks formatted for easy reading on computers, laptops and tablets, i.e. on screens of all sizes down to 7". Together, the two ebooks offer all the webpage material, plus three advantages:

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Volume One:

book one coverVolume One covers the early and medieval periods, and runs to 79,922 words, 320 pages and 653 references. Contents:


1. Ideologies: An Introduction to Money

2. Money before Coinage

3. First Empires

4. Greek City States

5. The Celts

6. Confederations: Pathian and Sasanian Empires

7. The Roman Empire

8. The Later Roman Empire

9. The Chinese Bureaucratic Empire

10. The Saka Peoples

11. Early Islamic States

12. Medieval Islamic States

13. Medieval China

14. Medieval India

15. Mongol Empire

16. Mughal India

17. Later Islamic Societies

18. Medieval Europe

19. Trading Empires: Venice

20. Proto-Coinages

21. Metal Mining and Sources

22. Specie Flows

23. Gold versus Silver

24. Minting Techniques

25. Early Banking


The Preface and Resources are identical in both ebooks, and repeats information on the 'about us' and 'resources' webpages.

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Volume Two

Volume Two covers the modern period, and runs to 104,179 words, 404 pages and 1408 references. Contents:

book cover twoPreface

26. The Modern State

27. Absolute Monarchies

28. Paternalistic States

29. Constitutional Monarchies

30. Autarchic States: Germany

31. Communist States

32. Modern Democracies

33. Post-Industrial States

34. E.E.C.

35. Mixed Economies

36. Mercantile Empires

37. Colonial Empires

38. Globalisation

39. Industrial Revolution

40. Capitalism

41. Economics

42. Neoliberalism

43. Modern Banking

44. Financial Meltdown

45. The Future of Money


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