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 No one will sensibly make a coin collection today without first devising some plan that encompasses what's available and at what cost. Numismatic literature is essential here, and a  few of the more general / useful books are:


Burnet, A. Interpreting the Past: Coins. London, 1991.
Carson, R.A.G. Coins: Ancient, medieval and modern. Second Edition, 1970.
Grierson, P. Numismatics. O.U.P., 1975.
Porteous, J. Coins in History. Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1968.
Price, M.J. (ed.), Coins: An Illustrated Survey 650 CC to the Present Day. Hamlyn / Country Life, 1980.
Cribb, J., Cook, B. and Carradice, I. Coin Atlas: The World of Coinage from its Origins to the Present Day. MacDonald Illustrated / Spink, 1990.
Cribb, J. Money: From Cowrie Shells to Coins. B.M. 1986.
Frey, A.R. Dictionary of numismatic names. Sandford J. Hurst, 1947.
Davies, G. A History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day. Univ. Wales Press, 1996.
Cooper, D.R. The Art and Craft of Coin Making. London, 1988.
Sutherland, C. Art in Coinage. Batsford, 1955.
Howgego, C. Ancient History from Coins. London, 1995.
Carson, R.A.G., Coins, Ancient, Medieval and Modern. London, 1962.
Doty, R.G. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Numismatics. London, 1982.
Angell, N. The Story of Money. London, 1930.
Van Wie, P.D. Image, History and Politics: The Coinage of Modern Europe. Lanham, 1999.
Harvard Research Guides: Numismatics.
Berk, Harlan J.  100 Greatest Ancient Coins. Whitman Publishing, 2008.
Klawans, Zander H. and Bresset, K.E. Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins: An Official Whitman Guidebook. Whitman Publishing, 1995.
Rynearson, Paul, F. Collecting Ancient Greek Coins. Whitman Publishing, 2008.

 Ancient Coinages

 Head, B.V. Historia Numorum: A Manual of Greek Numismatics. Zeno Publishers 1911/1966.
Jenkins, G.K. Greek coins. Barrie & Jenkins, 1972.
Kray, C.M. Archaic and Classical Greek Coins. Menthuen, 1976.
Sear, D.R. Greek Coins and their Values. 1978 & 1979.
Sletman, C.T. Masterpieces of  Greek Coinage. Oxford, 1949.
Carradice, I. Coinage and Administration in the Athenian and Persian Empires. Oxford, 1987.
Carradice, I. and Price, M. Coinage in the Greek World. London, 1988.
Carradice, I. Greek Coins. London 1995.
Kraay, C.M. Archaic and Classical Greek Coins. London, 1976.
Jenkins, G.K. Ancient Greek Coins. London, 1990.
Mitchiner, M. The Ancient and Classical World 600 BC- AD 650. Hawkins Publications, 1976.

Crawford, M.H. The Coinage of the Roman Republic. C.U.P., 1974.
Kent, J.P.C. Roman Coins. Thames & Hudson, 1978.
Mattingly, H et al. The Roman Imperial Coinage. London, 1928.
Mattingly, H and Carson, R.A.G. The Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum. B.M. Publications.
Carson, R.A.G. The Principal Coins of the Romans. B.M. Publications.
Bernhart, M.  Handbuch zur Münzkunde der römischen Kaiserzeit. Halle, 1926.
Carson, R.A.G., Hill, P.V., & Kent, J.P.C. Late Roman Bronze Coinage 324-498. Spink.
Burnett, A.M. Coinage in the Roman World. London, 1987.
Melville Jones, J. A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins. London, 1990.
Crawford, M.H. Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic. London, 1985.
Melville Jones, J. A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins. London, 1990.
Butcher, K. Roman Provincial Coinage: An Introduction to Greek Imperials. London, 1988. 

Meshorer, Y. Jewish Coins of the Second Temple Period. 1967.

Allen, D.F. Coins of the Ancient Celts. 1979.
Nash, D. Settlements and Coinages in Central Gaul c.200-50 BC. British Archaeological Reports, 1979.
Nash, D. Coinage in the Celtic World. London, 1987.
Mack, R.P. The Coinage of Ancient Britain. Seaby, 1979.
Lengyel, L. L'Art Gaulois dans les Monnaies. Montrouge-Seine,  1954.

Sellwood, D. An introduction to the coinage of Parthia. Spink, 1971.
Gobi, R. Sassanian Numismatics. 1971.
Mitchiner, M. Indo Greek and Indo-Scythian Coinage. Hawkins Publications, 1975-6.
Plant, R. J. Greek, Semitic, Asian Coins and How to Read Them. Scorpion Publishers, New York, 1979.
Berk, Harlan J.  100 Greatest Ancient Coins. Whitman Publishing, 2008.
Klawans, Zander H. and Bresset, K.E. Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins: An Official Whitman Guidebook. Whitman Publishing, 1995.

Byzantine  Coinage

Grierson, P. Byzantine Coins. London, 1982.
Hendy, M.F. Studies in the Byzantine Monetary Economy. Cambridge, 1985.
Hendy, M.F. Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire 1081-1261. Washington, 1969.
Hahn, W. Moneta Imperii Byzantini. (3 vols.) Vienna, 1973-80.
Bellinger, A.R. & Grierson, P. Catalogue of the Byzantine Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and the Whittemore Collection. 1966-73.
Whitting, P.D. Byzantine Coins. Barrie & Jenkins, 1973.
Schlumberger, G. Numismatique de l'Orient latin. 1954.

Medieval Coinages

Grierson, P. Coins of Medieval Europe. London, 1991.
Grierson, P. Dark Age Numismatics. London, 1979.
Grierson, P. Later Medieval Numismatics. London, 1979.
Engel, A & Serrure, R. Traite de numismatique de moyen age. 1964.
Grierson, P & Blackburn, M. Medieval European Coinage: Volume 1, the Early Middle Ages (5th-10th Centuries) C.U.P. 1987.
         -        Corpus Nummorum Italicorum (29 vols.) Rome, 1910-40.
Grierson, P. and Travaini, L. Medieval European Coinage 14: Italy 111. Cambridge 1998.
Screen, E. Medieval European Coinage. Fitzwilliam Museum. 1986-

Early Modern European Coinages

Clain-Steffanelli, E.E. and  V. Monnaies européennes, 1450-1789. Fribourg, 1978.
Challis, C.E. The Tudor Coinage. Manchester, 1978.
Mayhew, N. Sterling: The History of a Currency. London, 2000.
Vilar, P. A History of Gold and Money, 1450-1920. London, 1976/1991.
Attman, A. The Bullion Flow between Europe and the East 1000-1750. Goteborg, 1981.
Spooner, F. C. The International Economy and Monetary Movements in France, 1493-1725. Harvard, 1972.
Sargent, T.J. and Velde, F.R. The Big Problem of Small Change. Princeton, 2002.

Islamic Coinages

Lane-Poole, S. Oriental Coins in the British Museum. Microfiche, 1980.
Mitchiner, M. The world of Islam: Oriental coins and their values. 1977.
Berman, A. Islamic Coins. 1976.
Plant, R. J. Arabic Coins and How to Read Them. Spink, 1980.
Artuk, I. & C. Mitchiner, M. Istambul Arkeoloji Muzereli Teshirdeki Islami Sikkeler Katalogu. 1971-4.
Album, S. A Checklist of Popular Islamic Coins. Santa Rosa, 1993.
Broome, M.  A Handbook of Islamic Coins. London, 1985.
Bosworth, C.E.  The New Islamic Dynasties. Edinburgh, 1996.
Album, S. and Goodwin, T. Sylloge of Islamic Coins at the Ashmolean: 1. The Pre-Reform  Coinage of the Early Islamic Period. Oxford, 2002.
Walker, J. A Catalogue of  of the Arab-Byzantine and Post-Reform Umaiyad Coins. London, 1956.
Walker, J. A Catalogue of  of the Arab-Sassanian Coins. London, 1941.
Gyselen, R. Arab-Sasanian Copper Coinage. Vienna, 2000.
Malek, H.M. The Dabuyid Ispahbads and Early 'Abbasid Governors of Tabaristan: History and Numismatics. London, 2004.
Treadwell, L. Buyid Coinage: A Die Corpus. Oxford, 2001.
Lockwick, N.L.  Islamic Coins and Trade in the Medieval World. Aldershot, 1990.
Spengler, W.F. and Sayles, W.G.  Turkoman Figural Coinage and their Iconography. Wisconsion, 1992 & 1996.
Kolbas, J. The Mongols in Iran. Chingiz Khan to Uljaitu 1220-1309. London & New York, 2006.
Album, S. Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean, 9. Iran after the Mongol Invasion. Oxford, 2001.
Balog, P. The Coinage of the Ayyubids. London, 1980.
Ehrenkreutz, A.S. Monetary Change and Economic  History in the Medieval Muslim World. Aldershot, 1992.

Africa and Oceania

Quiggin, A.H. Primitive Money.  London, 1949.
Einzag, P. Primitive Money.  London, 1948.
Optiz, C. Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money. Ocala, 2001.
Humphreys, O. and Hugh-Jones, S. (eds.) Barter, Exchange and Value: An Anthropological Approach. Cambridge, 1989.
Parry, J. and Bloch, M (eds.) Money and the Morality of Exchange. Cambridge, Cambridge, 1989.

South Asian Coinages

Chattopadhaya, B. Coins and currency systems of South India AD 225-1300. 1977.
Gupta, P. Coins. 1969.
Bruce, C.R. et al. The Standard Guide to South Asian Coins and Paper Money Since  1556 AD. Iola.
Carter, M.L. A Treasury of Indian Coins.  Bombay, 1994.
Crib, J. The Indian Coinage Tradition: Origins, Continuity and Change. Nasik, 2005.
Allen, J. Catalogue of  the Coins of Ancient India. London 1936.
Gupta, P.L. and  Hardaker, T.R. Ancient Indian Silver Punchmarked Coins of the Magadha-Maurya Karshapana Series. Nasik, 1985.
Bopearachchi, O and  Tahman, A. Pre-Kushana Coins in Pakistan. Islamabd, 1995.
Errington, E. and Cribb, J (eds). The Crossroads of Asia. Cambridge, 1992.
Goron, S. and Goenka, J.P. The Coins of the Indian Sultanates. New Delhi,  2001.

South-East Asian Coinages

Lockhart, J.H.S. The Stewart Lockhart Collection of Chinese Copper Coins. 1915 / 1975.
Yang Lien-Sheng. Money and Credit in China: A Short History. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1952.
Hu Jichuang. A Concise History of Chinese Economic  Thought.  Beijing, 1988.
Peng Xinwei. A Monetary History of China (2 vols. trans by E. H. Kaplan). Washington, 1994.
Coole, A.R. An Encyclopedia of Chinese Coins, 1.: Bibliography on Far Eastern Numismatology and a Coin Index. Kansas, 1967.
Kann, E. The Currencies of China. Shanghai, 1926.
Ting Fu-Pao. A Catalogue of Ancient Chinese Coins (including Japan, Korea and Annan). Shanghai, 1940.
Von Glahn, R. Fountain of Fortune: Money and Monetary Policy in China, 1000-1700. Los Angeles and London, 1996.
Cribb, J. A Catalogue of Sycee in the British Museum: Chinese Silver  Currency Ingots c.1750-1933.  London, 1992.
Theirry, E.  Monnaies de Chine. Paris, 1992.
Theirry, E.  Catalogue des monnaies vietnamiennes. Paris, 1987.
Wang, Y.C. Early Chinese Coinage. 1951.
Wang, L-S. Money and Credit in China. 1952.
Hartill, D. Cast Chinese Coins: A Historical Catalogue. Trafford, 2000.
Hartill, D. Qing Cash. Royal Numismatic Society, London, 2003.
Barker, R.A. The Historical Cash Coins of Viet Nam. Singapore, 2004.
Bruce, C.R. et al. The Standard Guide to South Asian Coins and Paper Money Since  1556 AD. Iola.
Munro, N.G. Coins of Japan. Yokohama, 1904
Mandel, E. J. Cast Coinage of Korea.  Racine, Wisconsin,  1972.

 Modern Coinages

Metcalf, D.M. Coinages in South Eastern Europe. 1979.
Clain-Stefanelli, E.E. & V. Monnaies européennes et monnaies coloniales américaines entre 1450 et 1789. 1978.
Burzio, H.F. Dictionario de la moneda hispano-american. 1956-8.
Buttrey, T.V. Coinage of the Americas. A.N.S., 1973.
Vilar, P. A. History of gold and money 1450-1920. New, 1976.
Rittman, H. Moderne Munzen. 1974.
Craig, W.D. Coins of the World 1750-1850. Wehman Brothers, 1976.
Krause, C.L. & Mishler, C. Standard Catalog of World Coins 1800-2014. Krause Publications, 2014.
Pridmore, F. The coins of the British commonwealth of nations. Spink, 1960-75.
Scholten, C. The coins of the Dutch overseas territories, 1601-1948. 1953.
Buttrey, T.V. Coinage of the Americas. New York, 1973.
Dowle, A and de Clermont,  A. Monnaies modernes, 1789 à nos jours. Fribourg, 1972.
Raymond, W. Coins of the World: 19th century isues. New York, 1947
Davenport,  J.S. European Crowns since 1800. Buffalo, 1947.
Davenport,  J.S. German Thalers since 1800. Buffalo, 1947.

Paper Money

McKerchar, M. A Papermoney bibliography. 1979.
Pick, A. Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money. Krause Publication, 1977.


Numismatic Societies

American Numismatic Society.
Royal Numismatic Society.
British Numismatic Society.
Oriental Numismatic Society.
World Internet Numismatic Society.
Numismatic Society of India.
Numismatic Association of Australian.
New Zealand Numismatic Association.
Canadian Numismatic Association.


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There are hundreds, probably thousands of coin dealers, who will help you build your collection of choice. Most are reliable, or largely so, especially the major dealers and auction houses with long-standing reputations to protect. Only those in the trade really know the shifting strengths and weaknesses of rivals — and often who is buying what at auction for whom — but the usual advice is ask around, check prices against grades, and read the fine print. Very few dealers will not honour their returns policies.

A very brief listing of relevant material:

Recommended Dealers.
CoinDealer Directory: Coin Talk.
Coin Price Guides.
Spink and Son.
Steve Album.

Tax Issues

Coins can be heavily taxed when the collection is sold. To read more:



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